How many users do you think Facebook has? How about Twitter? Instagram “A LOT” are the words you are probably thinking.

Well, statistics on social media places the population of Facebook users to be 2.07 BILLION as of January 2018. Can you imagine that? Two billion people sifting through their own timelines, checking their notifications, posting and seeing Facebooks stories! That number is sure still on the verge of rising due to Facebook still being at the top when it comes to Social Networks.

Twitter, on the other hand has about 330 million users by now and 800 million for Instagram. There is no denying that these websites have massive traffic. Now that more and more people still join these networks, businesses see a big opportunity to market their products and services through these social networks. And they are willing to pay a lot for them to be made known to billions of people.

Did you know that you can actually benefit on this setup? As businesses spend a lot of money on advertising through social media, a part of that money could go to you as well!

Earn by Posting Online

Have you ever heard of the term “influencer marketing”? Basically, it’s the kind of marketing that targets influential people in the hope that it will make its way to the people who follow these influencers.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or anything. As long as you create content that are seen by your social media friends and followers, you can definitely do this. A blog or a website works too!

You will have to go to this website called Izea. We will talk about the things that makes it a good way to make money online.

Do The Job You Want To Do

When you register on Izea, you become a Creator—it’s the name they use for people who create quality content and use that content to serve clients in Izea. Whether it’s photography you are into, or graphic design, or video editing, or animation, or anything that gains an audience online, you are good to go! You are a creator.

Wide Range Of Clients

Clients in Izea can range from small time businesses you haven’t even heard of, to big names such as Toyota, Warner Brothers, Calvin Klein, and a lot more. If you consider yourself a pro at what you do, Izea could be the opportunity that you can grab to get yourself acquainted with these big names. Or you may choose to go with the smaller projects first and work your way up from there.

The system in Izea optimizes your experience in a way that the first potential clients you see are the ones most likely best-suited for you. These may be the advertisers who are looking for something that matches your skill set and experience.

Competitive Environment and Negotiable Payments

Izea’s community of creators is a big one, which means that there are likely going to be others connecting with the same clients that you are connecting with. It would not be a surprise if you find someone with the same skills and experience as yours. Naturally, you will find yourselves connecting with (and could even compete for) the same client.

To make your potential clients choose you over the others, you are going have to be smart. The main thing that creators do to win clients over is bidding. Yes, you name your price as a creator, but you need to be strategic in setting the price. Don’t set the bar too high nor to low. You can offer your clients a price that would draw them to choose you, but also make sure that this price is really worth the quality of work that you are going to give.

It’s clear that this kind of work to make money online would be best suited for those who do creative work. If you’ve got a number of followers for your graphic design, that’s what will be the major player here. If you do it through your videos—whether it’s a vlog, or a series of animations, or even vines—that’s the craft you are going to use to make this work. Bring the passion and creativity, and let Izea bring the clients (and the money)!

This Website Helps You Earn Money By Posting Online