One of the tools to make money online that has stood the test of time is affiliate marketing. With its first occurrence just a few years after the Internet has been invented, it sure has undergone a lot of development and evolution in itself. Various programs and functions make affiliate marketing a more user friendly experience and more efficient at that.

Today, you could find affiliate links and banners in different places on the Internet. The most common would be blogs and websites. Others also use e-commerce stores for their affiliate marketing setups. And now a rising trend would be using YouTube channels as well—with a tandem for featuring the products on the videos and putting the affiliate links on the descriptions below.

With this very potent tool in earning money online (even so far as to make it a source of passive income), it is important that you determine your approach towards affiliate marketing. A few strategies can be employed, depending on what you are using for you affiliate setup.

Sell Products In General

Perhaps the safest way to run an affiliate marketing setup is to sell general goods. But it has to be with big names such as eBay and Amazon. These are the two most popular on-line retail stores in the whole world, and fortunately for everyone who wants to make money online, they have affiliate programs called eBay Partners Network and Amazon Associates, respectively.

The popularity of these online stores are already established with people, and that makes it easier to sell products from them. They already have the trusts of consumers everywhere, and that takes a lot of load off from the affiliate. Of course, this can mean that the commissions to be gained using their affiliate programs would be considerable lower than those of more obscure online retailers.

Have A Niche

Speaking of more obscure retailers, there are those online stores and affiliate programs with higher commission rates but don’t have the initial trust of your potential buyers. This means that bulk of the burden of gaining that trust would fall on you, the affiliate.

One of the best ways to ensure that your audience is hooked to what you are saying is to have a specific niche and stick with it. Sure, it will “thin the herd” on your audience, but what remains are those who are truly interested in the niche that you have picked out for your content—those who are more likely to buy the products you are featuring.

You can still use Amazon and eBay in this case, retain the element of a trusted retailer, but you can also introduce higher commission programs. An example of this would be Rakuten Linkshare, which focuses on gadgets and tech. Being inclined to tech stuff, they also have software to make affiliate marketing through their program more efficient and attractive.

Go “Somewhere In Between”

Another high-commission affiliate program you can explore is Clickbank. It is more versatile than having a niche but still more narrowed down compared to Amazon and eBay. Clickbank is a store for digital products, particularly eBooks.

You can use this program to feature eBooks and learning in general, or you can also partner it with content that has a niche. On this retailer, you can find eBooks for just about any niche—business, travel, science, sports. Whatever topic you have on you content, you can always feature an eBook related to it.

Just a little feature of the affiliate program itself; it offers some of the best deals for affiliates out there. Successfully selling a subscription or anything with a recurring payment would also give you recurring commissions. Additionally, some products have upselling features too. If you successfully upsell a product, you get a major bonus as well.

As I said, when it comes to affiliate marketing, it is important to know which approach you are going to take and stick with it. Yes, gaining an audience and capturing their attention is of paramount importance. The best strategy for affiliate marketing is knowing what program works best with a particular type of content. And most of the success in affiliate marketing relies on determining that match.

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