A digital nomad’s life is no joke at all. While, from the outside, it may look like it’s all fun and travelling. But behind that enjoyment, it takes a lot of planning, making sure that you have a place to stay on your next destination, making sure you have something to eat and wear, and making sure you have money to pay for those things. To be honest, the life of a digital nomad is even more expensive than the life of someone who stays in one place all their life.

This entails that the digital nomad must always have a steady source of income as they travel the world. That’s the very thing that separates digital nomads from mere travelers. Travelling itself is a digital nomad’s life, and they work while doing so.

If you want to be a digital nomad, my hope is that this article would give you an insight on possible things you can do to make money while you’re out there experiencing the world. If not, and you’re only here for the sake of finding something that would help you make money online, I hope you would find what you are looking for as well, in this article.

Now, on to some things that digital nomads to make money online.

Sell Photos

One thing that a digital nomad has consistent access to is a huge selection of stunning views. Sunset on a beach, the calmness of nature, perhaps a vast city scape—name it! For a digital nomad it’s just one flight (or bus ride) away. You would probably be surprised when you hear how much people are willing to pay for pictures of those places that you have access to. And that, my friend, is how you make money by taking photos.

Do you know the concept of stock photos? Basically, people—be it huge businesses looking for a photo for their marketing campaign, or just an individual who wants something to put in their project—are sometimes willing to pay for stock photos. Maybe even you yourself have tried buying stock photos before and using them for whatever need you’ve had at the moment. This time, you can be on the receiving side of the payment.

Some good websites to start on would be 500x Prime and Clashot. Each have their own unique features that would help you make the most money out of the photos you take. But basically, 500x Prime gives you a choice to earn smaller amounts by making your photos available to multiple buyers, or earn one huge chunk of money by selling full copyright to one buyer. Clashot, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to make a lot more than the normal rates by letting you participate in contests whose sponsors will benefit from the winning piece.

Whichever way you want to go, pictures of places you visit as a digital nomad indeed have high chances of making money through these websites.

Write Code

Writing code or programming is kind of an in-demand job nowadays, with computer programs always on the brink of innovation. Businesses are always looking for capable programmers, whether it’s to debug their systems or websites, or create a whole new program for them.

Programming as a vocation can come in many forms too. You could end up designing websites. Or you could find yourself creating mobile apps and computer software. It really depends on what kind of work falls on your lap.

Speaking of which, you could explore this website called Hirable. It is an online platform whose client base is mostly made up of clients looking for programmers. It is trusted by some big names in the tech industry (Google, Betaworks, Birchbox, etc). Surely, if you are a programmer looking for work that you could do online, this freelancing platform would be very very helpful.

Of course, this is not all that digital nomads do to earn money online while they go out and travel the world. Some do writing and blogging, while others do graphic design. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to jobs that a digital nomad can do. But hopefully, with this information you have just read, you ould have a jumpstart in your online moneymaking journey.

Things Digital Nomads To Do Make Money Online