Did you know that you could develop a website and turn it into an online moneymaking machine? It may sound hard, but with the tools available to the public nowadays, it’s getting easier and easier. Platforms like WordPress and Wix are just a few tools that make it easier to build your own website. You can have a blog, or an entertainment site, or even an e-commerce shop (for e-commerce, platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. would work better than WordPress and Wix).

As for the turning your website into a moneymaking machine part, the challenge would be having people visit your websites. This is the part that would require you to put time and effort in. once you have engaging content in your website as well as an established niche, you can promote and promote your site until you get a steady traffic. As you do this, you can employ a few different methods to monetize this website.


The average business allot at least 10% of the total income to advertise their products or services. There are also those who spend as much as 50% to make themselves known to the world. After all, the better-know they are, the higher the likelihood people will buy their product or service—and more money for them. They put big money into these advertisements. And those ads can be as on your website, which means that that big money could be going to your pockets.

Has it ever occurred to you how amazing this system works? Advertisements are always placed wherever people go to. That’s why we have billboards on freeways, on subway stations, and all around town. Now that people spend most of their time on the Internet, ads are placed on websites too!

With the tools we have nowadays, having ads shown on your website has also been made easier. You can use tools like Google AdSense and Media.net to help you place ads on your pages. And it’s just as easy as creating an email address. How much money you will receive will depend on how many views the ads will get. That means you will have to work on bringing traffic to your website.

Affiliate Marketing

This one is another tool that will need you to put something like advertisements or links on your website. But it’s not as dependent on traffic as Advertising. The whole concept of Affiliate Marketing is promoting products on an online retail store and displaying links or banners which, when clicked, will lead them to the page of that retail store. If visitors on your website do make to the store page using your link and buys something, a percentage of the amount used for the purchase will go to you. That is called a commission.

Some good places to start would be the affiliate programs for Amazon and eBay. These two online retailers are already popular and are likely to get buyers (and therefore commissions for you). The downside to using these programs would be that they have a relatively low rate for commissions.

If you’re looking for affiliate programs that would entitle you to higher commission rates, you might want to establish a specific niche for your website. After all, having a pre-established niche for your sites ensures that the traffic you are bringing in to your website are the people who are genuinely interested in whatever content you put in your site. Another reason for this is that affiliate programs that pay the most are usually those that have specific niches for the stuff they sell online. Some examples would be Rakuten Linkshare, which specializes in gadgets and technology. Another would be ClickBank, which specializes on digital products such as eBooks. Yet another would be AvanGate, which focuses more on software.

Of course, setting up anything that would enable you to make a passive income would require you to exert time and effort. Nothing good in life doesn’t. These technologies make it easier, but not effortless. Nonetheless, if you do it right and set your mind to doing what it takes. You can use advertising and affiliate  marketing to produce a passive income online, and it’s going to be worth it in the long run.

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