Have you heard about stories about people who have grown tired of the job they had? Or do you know people right whom you have heard say that they are getting tired of their office jobs? How are they responding to their situation?

Different people have different responses whenever they get this feeling. Some soldier on and keep doing the job for the sake of the salary. Sounds kind of sad, but if it’s necessary, then we can’t blame them. But there are those who quit their jobs and get one that they actually enjoy.

Perhaps you are looking for a new job yourself, which led you to this article. Well, I have good news for you. There’s a good chance that you would find help through this article. We’re going to talk about good quality work you can do wherever you want—even in the comfort of your home—as long as you have a decent Internet connection.

In this particular article, we will talk about one website that serves as the conduit between online freelancers and clients, as well as the things you need to do here in order to maximize everything at your disposal and maximize your pay as well.


As mentioned earlier, Crowdsource is a freelancing platform where clients and workers from all over the world meet (virtually, of course, not physically). It’s like a middle man between the two parties. If you have heard of Instacart, Staples, and Overstock, these are just a few of the clients that go to Crowdsource whenever they need competent workers.

How To Join

Joining Crowdsource and being a part of the online workforce is easy, but still has its sophistications. You can simply sign up on the website. Don’t forget to link it with your PayPal account, as that’s how you are going to receive your payments. Although this part is the easy one and that anyone can do it, there will still be a test—a qualification test just to make sure that you are ready for the tasks that are going to be entrusted to you.

Working Through Crowdsource

Once you have passed this test, you will be able to access the available jobs through your dashboard. There are a lot to choose from—writing jobs, transcription jobs, even small accounting jobs. You might notice that there are also certain high-qualification jobs that may not be available to beginners. That’s actually not a problem. As you take on more and more work that you are qualified for, your qualification level goes up. Eventually, you’ll be able to land those high-paying jobs easily.

But here’s the thing: they still give chances for beginners who are nonetheless exceptional at what they do. Even if you don’t meet the qualifications, you can take a specific test for that job. If you pass the test, then you will be automatically qualified for the job. This doesn’t mean you’ll be hired then and then, of course. But at least, you get qualified immediately.

As you browse through the potential jobs you are going to take on, you would see the pay you would receive. It’s displayed upfront in each job posting. It’s important that, before you take on a job, you would see the full scope of it, even the compensation. The clients will expect nothing short of high quality work, so be ready to give it your best.

Improving Yourself

Another thing that Crowdsource offers is help for your growth as a freelancer. They have materials ready for your perusal—materials for your own improvement and knowing the ins and the outs of freelancing.

You can also join the forum where you can learn from a multitude of freelancers. It’s where freelancers around the world discuss how they are excellently handling the jobs given to them. It’s also where you will see updates. There are rare cases where big and high-paying projects become available. The forum is your access to hearing about it first.

Now if you are really considering earning your living through the Internet, this website/platform would be an advisable platform not just to start but to grow as well. Plenty of opportunities will come your way, and they will equip you for bigger things ahead.

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