As technology progresses, so does ways to make money online. And the direction of these innovations points to efficiency and convenience when it comes to producing wealth. And if you really do give it some thought, you could say that these methods are getting more and more creative as well.

Another direction that online moneymaking seems to be taking is the direction that helps as many people as possible (although I admit, that statement would not apply to all). But generally, most businesses that emerge today don’t only have producing wealth as a goal, but there is a cause to it as well. Some businesses have a goal of making the Earth a better place to live in, ecologically speaking. Some businesses exist with the goal of helping as many people as they can while in the process of generating wealth.

The good news is that some of these methods have made themselves available to the public for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. And they have com in the form of creative ways to make investments and gain a profit from them in the long run. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Gain Profit From Your Spare Change

You might want to take a look at an app called Acorns. Basically, what this app does is that it allows you to invest your spare change—as little as less than a dollar—and keep piling it up. All the while it is being grown and gaining an interest.

This relies on a concept called micro-investment. It works like the regular investment setup—you get to choose your own portfolio. You can invest in stocks of different companies. But because you are only investing what you can give, even less that a dollar, technology from Acorns allows you to share one stock with other Acorns users.

Once you allow Acorns to get the spare change from your purchases, your investments will keep building up and producing an interest. Also, if you would like to deposit a certain amount on a regular basis, Acorns has a setting for that too!

One of thing about Acorns. When you create an account, you will receive a bonus $10 and you can use that as your initial investment. Cool, right?

Gain Profit By Supporting Startups

If the previous setup banks on micro-investments, this one depends on crowdfunding. I’m talking about an investment platform called Seedr.

It works by allowing you to invest in startups that you believe in. once you install the app, you would have access to a full list of potential startups that need funding in order to be able to launch. Seedrs makes sure that you, as a potential investor, would see all the details you need to see before putting your money in any of those startups. You would have access to information about the mode of business they will be doing, the scope, the ins and the out of the startup.

If you see potential in one of the startups being featured in Seedrs, then you can invest in it with whatever amount you can give. Hopefully, more and more investors would see the potential in that startup as well and invest until there is enough funds for the startup to launch.

Once the startup grows into a full-fledged business, you will become a major shareholder in that company, depending on the investment you have given. By that time, the former-startup-now-business would have been earning a lot of profits and you will be getting returns for your investment. You could see your invested money grow up to more than 600% in just a few years.

These apps and investment platforms are a few of the most recent, most innovative, and most creative ways to grow a profit in the long term. One provides a good way to still produce an interest even though the investment process itself would be virtually unnoticeable. While the other provides a way for you to support dreamers in realizing their startups, and at the same time, it provides an opportunity to turn your investments into staggering profits in the future. Now those are creative ways to earn a profit online!

NEW Methods To Gain Profit Online In The Long Run