Websites are everywhere, and by everywhere, I mean they are everywhere.

Toss a coin on the internet and chances are, you’d hit a website or land somewhere near five or more websites.

Websites, are a great things though, they’re addresses to portal that are new or curious to our eyes or something that we might find interesting.

They are like buildings that house stuff that we might need or things that we want to see.

Just like any other building, making a website needs people and workers before they can built.

And like workers building a building (see what I did there?), there’s a lot of ways to make a living out of a certain building or structure.

Here are just some of the common ways of how to make money off of websites:

  1. Designing
  2. Content
  3. Advertising
  4. Marketing
  5. Flipping


Before we started, we discussed how making a website is like making a building, and we all know that before you can make a building, you need people to make the design or a blue print. In making a website, there are opportunities for designers and coders to make money.

Website designers basically plan and strategize how a website would look like and coders, do the painstaking work of actually building and making those websites work.

If you have talent in visual graphics or know how code, there is an opportunity for you to work full time, part-time or even work on a contractual basis online.

There are even websites online that offer coding lessons for free.

You can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and more for free through these websites and they’ll even connect you with employers or potential clients that you can work for.



Now that we’ve made the website, we need to fill it up with content to highlight and support whatever services and products that we want people to see on those websites.

This is probably the most diverse part of work or money making opportunities online.

When we say website, most of them focus on a niche, it could be a website for pregnant mothers, for DIY projects, kitchen economics, about firearms, making money online (see what I did there again?) or anything thing under the sun.

As diverse as the topics are, there are a million and one ways to fill it with content.

It could be videos, pictures, articles, infographics, and combination of each and many more.

And we talk about content, we need people to make them. Videographers for the videos, photographers for the pictures, writers for the articles, graphics designers and animators… the job opportunities are virtually endless depending on the niche.

Pick a website and there are possibly ten or more people that are directly or indirectly earning money from it through content providing.

This is like the new frontier.


Advertising on website is probably the most common way of making money online.

People who have websites can earn money by placing ads on it or you can help advertisers find websites where you can place their ads and connect with their particular target markets.

Imagine it as having a free space on your building that you can place advertising tarpaulins or paint logos and slogans for product awareness.


Marketing, or affiliate marketing in websites in particular is a cool way to earn money online.

Just like having a building, you connect your website to particular people that could possibly need or want it.

Like we mentioned above, your website can be about a lot of things, may it be for pregnant mothers, for DIY projects, kitchen economics, about firearms, making money online there are companies or personalities that would want to affiliate with you for marketing purposes… and guess what? They pay…

Making the right moves and affiliate marketing could be your constant bread and butter and a really, really good source of income online.


When we talk about building and property, there are always real estate people that make money off of it.

Some developers buy houses, rebuild it and resell it at a higher cost. They call it flipping in the real world.

Guess what? People online flip websites too.

Websites like Flippa help people with websites look for people interested in them.

Potential websites buyers are looking for attractive sites that have a lot of traffic but is virtually none mainstream so they can own it.

Just like real estate and buildings.

Make Money Off of Websites (The New Building/Real Estate)