Are you on the lookout for some options to make extra money online? I’m here to share with you how reward programs can help you to make extra money. Rewards sites are a good source of income for people who wish to make money from the comfort of their home. Some reward sites offer to redeem points or vouchers for just signing in and some provide some exchange of reward points. Let us have a look at some reward sites which are reliable for making extra income online.

From earning $1-$20/task to getting valuable vouchers and gift cards for stores like Amazon and Walmart, these reward sites offer you a lot of opportunities to monetize your free time.

Since their inception the way these reward sites function have changed a lot. You need to pick a site carefully if you really want to get paid online. Check out the best reward sites for making extra money here.

What is a Rewards site? Learn the basics first

A rewards site offers you a number of ways to make money once you create an account. You get paid in either cash or with some reward points that you can exchange for gifts cards. All you have to do is to log in to the site regularly after signing up and finish simple tasks like filling surveys, watching videos, playing games, referring your friends and others.

Some of the top sites unveiled here

You can classify the top reward sites based on reliability, track record and the number of users. Here are the oldest and famous rewards sites to start making money online.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular reward site, known for its reliability. They pay you in virtual Swagbucks points. For example, if you get 500 Swagbucks points you can get an Amazon coupon worth $5. Earlier, the website was notorious for late payments but research says that the website is paying for redemption points faster than ever before. This website started its operation in 2017.

2. Earning State

Earning State is known for prompt payment though it is a new rewards site. To sign up, you should be 18 years or above and should be a resident of the United States. They offer you a lot of surveys and specific tasks along with watching videos, completing offers, shopping and games. You can request payments through Paypal or gift cards.

3.Inbox Dollars

This website is in existence since 2000. The website does not pay by virtual currency or points but you can collect your payment in cents or dollars when you reach the minimum payout limit. The minimum payout limit is $30, which seems a little high but the site offers reward of $5 for signing up. The payment will be through Paypal or mailed check.

4.Cash Crate

This rewards site is known for its easy navigation. The website has a minimum payout limit of $20. Once you reach the payment threshold, they mail you to check your balance or reward points you earned. You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards or Walmart cards. This website has been around since 2006 and is reliable.

5. My Points

This website was introduced in 2004. This site offers a cash-back for shopping along with other ways of making extra income. This site offers great discounts on shopping. It also enables you to earn Paypal cash or Amazon gift certificates. An Amazon $25 card costs you 1,700 points while $25 Paypal cash costs 4,550 points. There are other options to en-cash your points as well.

Some more incentives

Some websites offer reward points for referring your friends. You can get reward points for being active on social media as well.  Signing in through social media helps you to promote a site to more friends and through them more referrals.  You can get extra reward points if you promote the reward website on social media. Referral points help you to reach the cash payout limits faster.

Do not expect to make any substantial money with reward sites. These sites will be entertaining as well as supportive to make more money in your free time like waiting in a parlor, clinic, etc. but you cannot completely reply on them for huge amounts.

Make Extra Money Online With Rewards Programs