The world is continuously evolving—and rapidly evolving at that! And with it, the world of making money evolves as well. As technology progresses, new kinds of jobs arise. Fifty years ago, there was no such thing as a web designer (who isn’t a spider LOL). Decades ago, there was no such thing as an app developer. But look at what we have now—these people are the very people that makes things possible with the Internet and smartphones.

The invention of the Internet, in particular, makes it possible. And it’s being used in more and more ways, being innovated faster and faster as people get creative with it and figure out new ways to improve people’s lives with it. This progress creates wonders in the area of producing wealth as well—and it could favor people who hate working on desk jobs! That may be you, or maybe not. But now, with the help of the world wide web, making money doesn’t have to be confined inside the four walls of an office or hours included in a working shift. You have a chance to do it anytime it’s convenient to you, anywhere in the world—even just at home in the comfort of your couch!

There are many different things you can do on the Internet that could potentially conveniently earn you a living. These choices are varied in their own way and there’s a high chance that you would find one that matches your skill set and interests. Now if you want to try out such a thing, we’ve listed some websites where you can do that. We won’t be talking about all the possible things you can do (that might take forever to do). But we can have a quick look at one of the most common and most versatile online gigs out there, and hopefully it will get you started.

Become A Virtual Assistant

When you hear the term “virtual assistant”, what comes to your mind? Is it Siri? Cortana? Google Assistant? Ironman’s Jarvis? Although “virtual assistant” could be a precise description of these things, that’s not what were talking about when we’re in the realm of online moneymaking.

Virtual assistants are simply like the normal assistants that executives and officials have, except they don’t work in offices nor meet their employers face to face (unless they plan to). All the interaction, task completion, and even compensation is done through the Internet. Outputs are uploaded or sent via e-mail, and all the communication between employer and employee happens in online messaging and chatting apps.

Many businesses today outsource their administrative needs through virtual assistants, and pay well for it too. With nothing but the time and a stable Internet connection, you can become one!

The “Zirtual Assistant”

A good place to start would be this website called Zirtual. Many well-known companies and institutions such as TED, Google, and even Stanford go to Zirtual whenever they need an extra pair of virtual hands for whatever tasks they are undertaking.

Virtual assistants in Zirtual are called “Zirtual Assistants”. As it happens, this website doesn’t limit itself to a fixed group of people to act as Zirtual Assistants. They practically allow for anyone in the world who is up to the task. Of course, the pay will not be lucrative at your first go (it starts at $11/hour), but you will have plenty of chances to work your way up from there.

As to variety of tasks, it will depend on the clients. Some clients need people who will work on customer service. Some need services on bookkeeping. While some (usually those clients in the e-commerce area) will need some work on their product research. Even in itself, you can select from a wide array of choices on the nature of the tasks and services you provide as a Zirtual Assistant.

Of course, there are also other websites where you would find gigs as a virtual assistant. What was discussed here is just one of the best places to start. If and when you get the hang of it and if you stay passionate at what you do, opportunities will just be coming to you. Not to mention the considerable pay that comes with it.

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