Can you think of a few things that you can do anywhere? I would bet that taking pictures is one of them. Imagine that you are traveling around the world. You take pictures of every beautiful scenery you take. Nature. People. Marvelous architecture. Can you imagine that, as you upload, you are getting paid for each picture you post?

I’ll tell you what—that can totally happen.

If you’re familiar with stock photos, then you might have an idea of what I’m talking about. You have probably seen those kinds of photos that would be good to attach to your presentation or your website (if you have one). You click the photo only to find out that, upon closer look, it has a watermark. What a bugger. You have to pay to be able to use the full version of the photo.

But then, think about it—what if it’s YOU on the other side of that situation? You upload a photo and someone pays you for the chance to be able to use the photo you took on whatever purpose that may serve them.

That’s how this works! Taking photos is something that you can practically do anywhere. And we’ll talk about some of the best websites to make money out of those photos!

500x Prime

This stock photo website is both home and marketplace to over FIVE MILLION photographers—and with good reason! The potential earnings through this website it huge compared to what you would get with others. If you upload a photo here and someone gets interested in it and decides to buy a license to use your photo, you will earn 70% of what they paid for the license.

The standard license in 500x Prime costs $250, so that would entitle you to $175 for every license solved. That’s just for the standard license. You can also choose to submit them for commercial licensing. If you do, and you perform well, submitting exceptional pictures with much marketing potential; you could find yourself selling your pictures to big brands and marketing campaigns. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Creating an account in 500x Prime is totally free. Once you’re in, you will need to enable your store (basically the page where you display all your photos up for sale). You may also need to fill up some forms about your photos—just information on model releases, liability releases, and the like.

Another feature you can explore in 500x Prime is the exclusive licenses. One you make a photo available for exclusive licensing, this would mean that whoever bought the license will have full copyright of the photo—allowing them exclusive use for it. But of course, photos with exclusive licenses pay out more.


Now this one, you can also utilize on your mobile devices. There’s a Clashot app downloadable both for Android and iOS.

What you need to know is that this website/app is affiliated with Depositphotos. This means that the images that you will upload through Clashot will be stored in Depositphotos, a name which is more familiar and attractional to clients.

Much like other stock photo websites, you get paid for every time someone pays to use a photo of yours. But one of the most notable features you will see on Clashot is the Offers.

This feature banks on companies wanting specific themes for pictures. They let Clashot know what kind of photos they specifically want—the atmosphere, the feel of the image. Then Clashot puts up the offers. This would be available for quite some time. And the photos that would best match what the clients are looking for will be chosen. Photos selected in the offers can earn up to fifty times the usual prices for photos on Depositphotos. If you’re the competitive type, this is definitely a huge opportunity to earn more

To thrive in this line of work, it would be best to have a sense of what potential buyers are looking for. Is it a picture for a presentation? A book cover? A billboard? Potential clients can range from students to huge executives. It can take some dedication to build your name here. But, when you’re making money just by taking pictures, it will all be worth it.

How To Make Money Anywhere By Selling Photos