How convenient it would be if you can make money anytime, wherever in the world you are. You could be making money while you are at home, at a trip, and even on a vacation! You have control over your own time and schedule, but as long as you get work done, you still receive the money you need to maintain your lifestyle.

With technology constantly evolving nowadays, there are countless ways to do it. For professionals, the quickest way to do it is to do online freelance work. This banks on the fact that people, organizations, or companies has some tasks that they need to outsource. And they look for available professionals to do that work for them in exchange for a handsome pay. That handsome pay could very well be yours for the taking.

First step to doing this would be finding clients. Now, you don’t have to e-mail companies one by one or look for clients yourself if you are going to do this. There are websites that make this whole process a lot easier. There are websites that well-paying clients flock towards. And from this vast pool of clients, you—as a freelancer—can choose and apply for the work that you can do.

Let’s take a look at some of these websites.


This website is a haven for literally random jobs that can be accomplished online. Some clients will just be regular people looking for a way to fix some technical problems they might be encountering. While some clients can be as big as The Huffington Post.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, web developer, or even a professional, there is always a job you can do on this website. Creating an account on this website is free, and so is proposing for jobs. You will have the opportunity to negotiate the terms of your jobs—the scope, payment, etc.


As you could probably guess from the name of the website, 99Designs is a freelance site that focuses mainly on designers. One of the things that really boosts the marketing of a certain product or service is the design. This is why companies are more than willing to pay good money for quality design—whether it’s logos, website layouts, advertisements, etc. The aesthetic component of a company’s marketing campaign could make or break the company itself.

And with that, graphic design is a booming field nowadays, and with the presence of tools such as Photoshop and other photo editing software, this field is only going to get better (and easier for some). And if you have the passion for it, just dabbling with these tools can lead you to make discoveries that would attract more clients and even make them pay more for your work.

What you should know about this website is that you could also participate in contests if you don’t feel like working with a certain client. 99Designs hold designing contests with proper criteria. The website’s clients usually pay a lot for the winning entries to these contests. Participating in these contests could also earn you some extra money as well.

Freelance Writing Gigs

With another obvious title, Freelance Writing Gigs is website that can serve as a home for freelance writers. There are many kinds of online work that involves writing. There’s content writing, copywriting, SEO writing, editing, blogging—there are A LOT. And as long as it’s a writing job you want, you can find it here.

This is not related to the site being talked about here right now, but it’s probably worth mentioning. There is also this site called ListVerse, where you can get paid for submitting articles. The articles have to be a list of interesting things, like a top ten list of something. It’s also a good way to make money out of writing articles.

Having to work a job in a workplace of your choice, in a time of your choice is a truly convenient venture. Sure, it will also have its challenges. Nothing good doesn’t come with challenges. But, if this is the lifestyle that you truly want, it won’t even be a chore for you to make a way for it to work.

How To Earn Money Online Using These 3 Websites