Have you ever thought about the convenience of having an online job? Especially if your job is output-based (like writing, graphic design, programming, web development, etc.), you have full control where you are going to do your job, and when! But the inconvenient reality is that it can be quite tricky to actually find a job like that. Luckily, there are websites designed to make it easier for you. Of course, there will still be challenges along the road. But these are a great help too.

The most common way for people to find jobs like this is to check out freelance platforms. These platforms are where employees seek out talented people to do whatever job they need done. Although freelance jobs were prevalently project-based before, more and more fixed online jobs arise in the Internet nowadays.

Thanks to freelancing platforms, you don’t have to go through the hassle of checking out the website of every potential employer and sending out your resume to each of them. You now have clients congregating in one place (that is the freelancing platform) and you can more easily view them and the job that they are offering.


This website is just like Google, but only for jobs. You can type in the keywords for the kind of job that you want, and it displays you a long list of jobs and employers available. The benefit of using this is that it covers job posts from multiple freelancing platforms. If you want quick results, this website can be a very handy tool when looking for an online job. The downside would be not having the useful functions a full-fledged freelancing platform would have—filters, browsing by category, qualifications, etc.

Speaking of which…


As you use the tool mentioned above, you might find yourself clicking on a link leading you to this website. From the name itself, you know that you’re looking at a hub for freelance jobs. Special features of this website would include tools to narrow your jobs search. You can put filters according to category of the job, or the niche, and even qualifications.

One feature that probably stands out with this platform is that you can join contests. They believe that the best in freelancers can be brought out when they bring out their competitive site. And so, they hold contests that pay much more than the regular job postings on the site. When you check out the list of contests, you would see the details—the number of entries submitted for that contest, the time left for that contest, etc. Yes, there are clients who support this system as they believe it is where they can the best results. And that means they are willing to give the best pay for those results as well. With just a single entry, you can earn up to $1000.

Virtual Vocations

This website is another freelancing platform with its own unique features. Sure, it fulfills the basic function of a freelancing platform (which is to be an avenue for clients and freelancers to connect with each other and do their transactions). But in this platform, they verify their clients. There is  a backend team that does background research on the clients that want to post jobs here, and only those verified by them get to post jobs on the website. This eliminates the risk of encountering and being abused by bogus clients, and it links you only to clients that do legit business!

I won’t lie. One of the implications of this verification process is that there is a limited number of clients available here. But the team is working on taking that limit as further than before. As of now, there are already about eleven thousand verified clients on Virtual Vocations.

If you do it right and with the help of these websites, you can find a suitable online job for you. What you do with the lifestyle it provides is up to you. Some carry these jobs as they travel the world—they are called the digital nomads. While some choose to have jobs like these so that they won’t have to leave home to do their jobs. How about you?

3 Websites To Help Find The Online Job For You