Making income online is possible with the right amount of work and persistence. There are lots of ways to make money online but generating steady income requires knowledge of the sources that you can leverage.

I have three websites listed that can help you make anywhere from $10 to $1000 per month. There are not many options to generate steady income online but the ones I have picked can help you build an income stream which is steady and consistent.

  1. Wonder

For those of you with good enough analytic skills, it is possible for you to make steady online income with the site called Wonder. The idea behind the site is simple, if you have excellent research skills then you can answer the most burning questions of the site and you will receive a flat fee for every answer.

In most cases, the people (corporations most of the time) who post questions on the site have time at their disposal to do the research or they want the answer in the right way. Either way, they are willing to pay a handsome fee for the right answers.

There is no educational criteria restriction on the website but only excellent research and English writing skills are required. So if you think you can nail the research part and produce accurate and comprehensive answers then visit right away.

What one of the researchers on the site has to say-

“I am associated with Wonder for over a year now and it appeals to me because the site allows me to do interesting and engaging professional work at my comfort and as per my schedule.”

  1. Smart Panel

The survey sites are always the best destinations to start earning some easy nominal cash right away. But the scope of most of these sites is very limited and if you want to earn a steady income online you will need a site can pay you high or pay you frequently.

Smart Panel is a site that we recommend you should check out. You have to complete a 3-minute questionnaire for your eligibility and once you qualify, the website pays you for everything and I mean everything. It pays you to live, breath, to use your phone and computer and you don’t have to do anything different.

Starting with a $5 payment, you get it just for qualifying at the site. According to Smart Panel, you can make $110 in 12 months just keeping the app installed on your phone and doing nothing.

Here’s one of the Smart Panel users’ review-

“I am hooked to Smart Panel because it makes my interest matter and I get the satisfaction of contributing to the digital products. Of course, pay is another reason, but being part of a bigger community is what appeals the most.”

  1. Swagbucks

We all are aware of Swagbucks and I have to include the site on my list because it actually pays you a steady income. It doesn’t require a lot of brain power to make money with Swagbucks and the app pays you for just watching videos and surfing the Internet.

It’s easy to use the app and website. Once you sign up with Swagbucks, you will be prompted to download their search bar onto your computer and you are set. Now you can start earning money for almost everything- from shopping online, watching videos, playing games to taking surveys and browsing the Internet. The points you stack up in doing so will get you gift cards for sites like Amazon and Walmart.

I know that the site pays you for gift cards and not cash but with little creativity, you can convert those gift cards into cash. For instance, the Walmart gift cards will help you save on your grocery shopping and a penny saved is a penny earned, isn’t it!

Here’s what a college student has to say-

“As a college student I don’t have many options to make steady online income, but with Swagbucks, I can do the same with just little effort.”

There you go, start generating a steady online income with these 3 sites, we are sure you will thank us.

3 Websites that Help You Build a Steady Income Online