The life of a digital nomad can be a thrilling lifestyle. But it also requires a stable source of income to be able to sustain the everyday needs of a digital nomad—food, bills, rent; same things that most people pay for, basically. Except digital nomads don’t stay in one place for that long.

Anyway, we were talking about a source of income. If you want to become a digital nomad, that’s good! I hope this article gives you a bit of insight on how to do it. But if you’re just looking for a way to make money online, this article could be helpful to you as well.

Most digital nomads (if not all) do it by having jobs that do not require a physical presence. What these jobs do require is a virtual presence through the Internet. Of course, this would entail that all the tasks required to perform these jobs can be done through the Internet. Here are some jobs such as that.

Digital Marketer

One of the most crucial things consider for a company is its marketing campaign. Whatever product or service they are offering, they need to put the word out. They need to make themselves known to as much people as possible in order to have as much revenue as possible. It’s a major game changer in the world of business, and that’s the reason companies put so much value in marketing. Most companies allot up to one third of their total revenue for marketing. for Others spend up to fifty percent of what they are making—all for the sake of attracting more customers or clients.

As an individual looking for a good way to earn money through the Internet, you could see this as an opportunity to earn! You can start using this website called Buddy Marketing.  It is a digital marketing platform that businesses go to when they need help with marketing.

There are different jobs you can do as a marketer here as there are also many different campaigns you can do for marketing. There’s social media marketing, mobile marketing, blog marketing, and many others. Whichever it is you find most suited to you, you will find it in this website.

Virtual Assistant

This job works pretty much like a typical assistant to business executives, officials, or professionals. Except, in line with the topic we have right now, this does not require a physical presence. When you work as a virtual assistant, all the tasks that will be handed to you are only those that can be done through the Internet.

If you think about it, the term “virtual assistant” is still vague in itself. And if you decide to work as a virtual assistant, you will find that it is very versatile as well. Depending on your employer, you might find yourself doing something in line with the business or work, such as email management or bookkeeping. Or you could also find yourself doing very personal things for them such as booking travels for the family or product research for a personal need. Anyway, having a virtual assistant takes some time off from the employers which allows them more time to spend on more personal stuff such as family or hobbies. And they pay well too to have that time off!

If you want to start working as a virtual assistant, you may want to look around this website called Zirtual. It’s a platform to hook up virtual assistants with clients who have some work to be done. It’s easy enough. You click on the Virtual Assistant job opening on the “Work for Zirtual” page, read through the job description, and send your application. If you get accepted, you will be connected to a client and you can get started working as a virtual assistant.

Just a heads up, though. This is only available in the United States. So, a digital nomad who wants to work as a virtual assistant might want to look for other sites such as TaskRabbit or Upwork to look for jobs.

You can also venture to other jobs that requires some degree of specific skills, such as photography, writing, etc. Since being a digital nomad means being where you want to be, then you can also choose the job you want to do (and the job that pays for you bills too).

2 Jobs Digital Nomads Do To Make Money Online